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Vivalux Skin CareDermatologists and Skin Care experts have conclusive data that has proved that our skin health deteriorates after reaching 30 years of age. Why? Because the collagen level, elastin and fat layer diminishes as our body shifts its focus on survival rather than aesthetics. Collagen and Elastin are two vital structural proteins that make our skin firm and taut. Where as fat layer keeps our skin hydrated, thus making it soft and bouncy. When collagen and elastin levels drop, our skin become vulnerable to bruises, loses its firmness, texture and makes it scaly. Lack of sufficient fat layer makes our skin dry, prone to wrinkles, frown lines and crow’s feet. A good skin supplement can help your skin win this war against age.

Today there is a variety of anti aging products available which promise us to restore our youthful looking skin. However, it is not always necessary that these products are effective and will suit our type of skin. We should choose one such anti aging product which is popular for its effectiveness and efficiency with regards to fighting the signs of aging and suits all skin types. Vivalux Skin Care is an anti aging product which is growing in popularity as it is providing effective results to many women and making their skin look youthful and radiant. Vivalux Skin Care specifically helps you target the signs of aging such as wrinkles ,visible fine lines and ensures to maintain the suppleness and elasticity of your skin.

Vivalux Skin Care Try Risk Free

How Does Vivalux Skin Care Work?

Vivalux Skin Care was created using a revolutionary breakthrough formula that involves ingredients that help to reverse the process of aging and repair the skin at a cellular level. This powerful formula is a combination of Phytoceramide ingredients which assist to eradicate wrinkles and boosts the collagen levels in the body. Hence the skin feels plump, firm and moisturized at all times. Vivalux Skin Care proves to be the one stop solution to your aging issues as it provides instant skin uplifting results.

It is advisable to make use of Vivalux Skin Care twice every day. Within a matter of eight days you will notice a dramatic change in your skin as it will appear youthful with reduced signs of aging.

Vivalux Skin Care

Vivalux Skin Care Benefits:

  • Vivalux Skin Care boosts the collagen levels at the cellular levels of the skin and hence the skin feels plum and firm.
  • Improves Firmness and Smoothness of the skin.
  • Increases skin’s hydration.
  • Eradicates signs of aging such as forehead lines, brow lines, crow’s feet, frown lines, wrinkles and chin creases. Also prevents them from coming back.
  • Enhances our skin tone and makes it radiant.
  • Decreases dark circles.

There is another anti aging product which offers similar results. Opuderm Premium Skin Care is an anti aging serum which complements Vivalux Skin Care. Therefore it is advisable to use Opuderm Premium Skin Care along with Vivalux Skin Care to obtain faster results.

Steps To Make Use of Vivalux Skin Care:

  • Wash your face and gently pat it dry with a towel.
  • Gently apply Vivalux Skin Care to your entire face and neck region.
  • Allow the cream to be absorbed in the skin and you will notice results within a time span of 2-3 weeks.

Vivalux Skin Care

Where To Get Vivalux Skin Care?

Vivalux Skin Care is available online. There is a Risk Free Trial Offer, whereby all you need to pay is for the shipping and handling charges. There is also a Promo Code Discount available and hence the shipping and handling fee is further reduced. So you can enjoy all the benefits of having a perfect youthful and radiant skin by choosing to use Vivalux Skin Care.

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Vivalux Skin Care Risk Free Trial


  1. This skin cream for my face is one of the best yet. It surely does moisturize! It leaves my face feeling not only clean, but super soft! The cream itself is awesome, it does not smell bad nor does it feel bad. This cream is not sticky or oily like a lot of others turn out to be. This cream is very easy to apply as well. You only need take in small amount and it goes such a long way.

  2. I have now been using the product for several weeks. . This product has met that criteria on the face and neck area. I also experimented on the upper back legs, cellulite. however The experiment has not shown either positive nor negitive results. Non were promised. In all areas of use the skin is soft and has a fresh organic peach texture. The cream is quick drying and a little, 2 pumps for face and neck, goes a long way. It will probably last a few couple, maybe few, months with twice daily use. The ingredients are natural with no strong or displeasing odor. Directions and ingredients are listed by the manufacturer.

  3. This cream feels wonderful on my skin feels so refreshed after using it. m young so I don’t have a lot of damage yet but I want to make sure that I use creams that moisturize to keep away the wrinkles and age spots. i highly recommend this product

  4. cream is good enough. works well. really wanted that radiant, glowing look promised by vivalux. im not a regualr user but still seeing results. will ty better now on.smells is kinda nice too.

  5. a week outdoors and my skin lost its lustre and tone. i wanted to try something professional this time, and decided to give Vivalux a chance. within a couple of weeks, my skin tone statrted to improve and skin was getting hydarated. i took proper care and didnt go in sunlight for atleast a month. this helped a lot and i was back on track. my skin was healthier than ever.

  6. Where can I get a bottle of this?

    1. Hi! As mentioned on the page, you can buy Vivalux online. Click on the link given on the page(any link).

  7. Delivery time was decent. Cream is not flaky or uneven. No unwanted effects on skin. Will test for some time before making it regular skin care solution.

  8. Contains phytoceramides and collagen boosting ingredients. Just what my dermatologist had suggested.

  9. i love the smell and it was easy to apply and left my skin feeling amazing. i use this daily and the ingredients in this product is absolutely amazing and has really helped nourish my skin. i will continue to use it on a daily basis. and will inform more people about how great this product really is

  10. Decent improvements. Wrinkles near eyes have disappeared. Now waiting for wrinkles on my chin to disappear.

  11. This was very nice. The first few times i didn’t “get” it. But after the third I realized it is good for pretty much everything, dry skin, irritation and breakouts. Smells nice, great ingredients. I would say a must have for the already overcrowded shelf 🙂

  12. Very nice face cream. it has a pleasant fragrance and not to greasy or filmy feel. It’s a very nice addition to my morning routine. my face and neck feel softer throughout the day. I would recommend this to my friends.

  13. I am experiencing good results, but I desperately hope that these will be long term. Maintaining diet as well. Hoping for the best.

  14. Amazing product. I didn’t have wrinkles but fine lines had started to show. Decided to try this and no regrets.

  15. I have been using this product for a month now, fine line gone. Wrinkles starting to fade away. Fingers crossed.

  16. one of the best cream i have tried. and may be the last one too. really satisfies my skin. totally recommend.

  17. Having decent results regarding wrinkles and dark spots on my cheek.

  18. wrinkles near eyes have completely gone. Now wrinkles on forehead need to go. Are wrinkles on fore head tougher to get rid of?

  19. I had smile lines. Vivalux Skin Care has helped in reducing them.

  20. This product has become a part of my daily routine. I clean my face, apply Vivalux, apply some lip gloss and I am good to go.

  21. Reduced wrinkles and lines to a great extent. Really happy.

  22. Formula of Vivalux is so light, it worked for my acne prone skin.

  23. Awesome product. Recommended.

  24. Do this cream works good on black skin as well ?

  25. The shipping was awful. As for vivalux, its magical. fine lines on my skin started to fade from day 1.

  26. My friend recommended vivalux to me. I was a skeptic at first but then decided to give it a try as it was a free trial. My doubts were all gone within few days. My skin became firmer and dark spots are now gone.

  27. I’ve been using Vivalux and Opuderm for a few months now, and I’m so thrilled with the results! In just a couple of weeks, my husband remarked how different I look…softer and smoother. My daughters actually thought I was ten years younger than I really am. I had my reservations, because I’d tried everything sold in stores and online. These products have changed my life! Thank you 🙂

  28. Love the ingredients list, packaging, feel, and scent of this product. Only time will tell if it works, but if it has the right ingredients it should.

  29. I got this Vivalux for my mom she wanted to try something that would help her with wrinkles. She really like it went on smooth absorbed really well. She said it has not smell to it really and didn’t cause any irritation. She really likes how her face feels after she applies it. Overall she is happy and will continue to use it and hopes to see some results soon.

  30. I have very dry skin that is acne prone, and that get irritated easily and I am always looking for products that moisturize withouth causing any sort of negative reaction.

    I have been using this serum twice a day, about a pea sized amount for the whole face.

    The ingredients are rather unique I think. I also like it for it’s moisturizing properties.

    After using this for a while, my skin is definitely more moisturized and plump. Just in time for winter.

  31. Im rating this five stars because I have used this long enough to see any effects on my skin. I have found this serum to be refreshing, and be very hydrating. The ingredients are really great as well. No heavy residue left over. No strong smell.

  32. only takes a small amount and makes my skin feel better love this stuff!

  33. This is a fabulous product. It is very lightly scented with a citrus scent that is not overwhelming at all. I have very sensitive skin, and it is perfect for me. It glides on smoothly to your skin and does not feel goopy or heavy. It absorbs so nicely and is a wonderful moisturizer as well as helping with fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes. I would highly recommend this product!!

  34. This serum is amazing! The cream leaves my face feeling soft and moisturized…and it smells awesome. I’ve only been using it for two weeks and I already notice a difference in my overall skin tone. I have tried other vitamin C serum’s and this one is by far my favorite.

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